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Why Our Brand?

Craftsmanship is in our hands. Timeless quality is more than just design. Which is why we have always placed our trust in the skillful hands of our craftsmen.

Who lead every single step of the manufacturing process and choose the very finest raw materials. This is our way of offering you quality.

Our Signature Products

Pacific Stone Design, Inc. architectural precast concrete products are enjoyed by some of the most exclusive plazas and residences throughout Southern California.

Our signature series products make an aesthetically pleasing statement for any project.

Story About Us

Pacific Stone Design, Inc. has been committed to providing the highest quality precast concrete products since 1996. Our journey began with a distinct vision and the strong belief for high-quality architectural precast products.

Family owned and operated we diligently work to maintain and exceed our vision. All of our products are proudly handmade on-site. Pacific Stone Design, Inc. manufactures a full-line of signature series custom precast concrete products to suit the needs of every customer. Featuring our unique collections of Classico, Elegance and Timeless.

Industry Impact

Today our products are specified by leading architects and designers across the country. They incorporate Pacific Stone Design, Inc. into their designs because of the dependability and quality of the product. Architects are constantly searching for the best products to set their designs ahead of the industry. Our goal is to meet and exceed those needs on a daily basis.

All of our designs are created in house with close collaboration between the design team and mold department. Architects, designers, as well other leaders in the industry provide feedback on products we are developing in addition to existing product lines.

Pacific Stone Design, Inc. the Brand to Demand

Unearth Southern California's largest selection of handmade precast stone products. Discover an exclusive range of modern Mediterranean inspired stone surfaces, Pacific Stone Design, Inc. delivers unrivaled expertise, quality and standards of service.
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